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Mike Brabenec, PGA & Billy Gibbs, PGA

Feb 22, 2009

Bruce Hooper, Vice President of the United States Blind Golfers Association visits Golf Talk 1280 to discuss the organization, its membership and activities.

It's a great way to play golf with others who deal with the loss of sight. Sighted players can get involved in the USBGA by joining  as a support member. 
The playing membership is for anyone that plays golf and is a totally blind (B-1) or vision impaired (B-2 or B-3) golfer. The B-2 vision category is for those players who’s vision ranges from the ability to recognize the shape of a hand up to visual acuity of 20/600. B-3 is for those players who's vision ranges from the visual acuity above 20/600 up to visual acuity of less than 20/200. Support membership is comprised of professionals, coaches or anyone wanting to patronize blind golf in the United States.

It is indeed unique that USBGA members play golf with vision impairment, but the organization also raises money for charities and conducts golf clinics for blind children all over the United States.  Join us as we explore the many aspects of this worthy and admirable golfing organization.

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