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Oct 24, 2009

The Goal with the Swinkey was to design to most efficient golf training tool available.

What makes the most efficient golf training tool?

I believe that the fairest answer to that question is that it must be the sort of golf training aid that has the best impact on your golf game. It would be a training tool that produces the best results in terms of improvement in your golf game over the shortest period of time.

There are many good training tools out there. There are aids that help you with your full swing, your putting, short game, swing plane, power, fitness, flexibility, setup, etc. Each of them have a purpose in helping a person's game and it depends on the individuals game in deciding which one to purchase and use. Some want more power, some want to work on their setup, others want to improve their putting.
So to answer the question, what would be the best training aid out there it would depend on the individual and what area they need the most improvement. If someone is struggling with their putting then a putting training would be their best bet. If someone lacked power then they would want a weighted swing club. A problem with this is as you know a person's game will change over time. For a month their putting is the part of their game suffering and then their setup goes and their putting improves. Then they might want to purchase something that helps their setup. You can see the issue here. The training aids out there today work for only one part of your game.
I had a half dozen different training aids and it was too much to take them all with me when I went to the course. This is where the idea of the Swinkey came to me.
The golfing world needed a training tool that applied to all aspects of your game. Not just one. I designed the Swinkey with total game improvement in mind so it's functions include fitness, swing training, swing setup, short game, putting setup and stroke training, and protection of your clubs in travel.
I think you would agree that the best golf training aid is one that leads to the biggest improvement in the shortest amount of time for all golfers. The Swinkey is that tool. As a tour professional I have seen every training aid out there and even though my opinion may be biased as I am the inventor I believe the Swinkey to be the best training tool out there. Get a Swinkey and find out for yourself.
Brian Benedictson

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