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Sep 25, 2010

Frank Moore P.G.A

has over 20 years of experience in golf instruction with an interesting teaching and playing
background. Learning from many
of today's golfing legends, Frank brings a
unique blend of experience and perspective to the lesson tee.

My first exposure to golf was in the early 70’s. I had a few lessons from the local pros. The first lesson, really sparked my interest in the golf swing. I improved quite a bit, and broke 80 that same year.

Next, I took a few lessons from a pro that favored the Square to Square Method. I had a tough time with this, but I figured out a way to make it work.

I went on to play college golf. I did fairly well, and made the All-Conference team one year. We had a good team, and won both the State Small College Tournament, and the District Tournament during my college years.

I have now been in the golf business for over 20 years. I started as an assistant pro in Virginia. There I gave my first official golf lessons. The pro I was working for was interested in teaching, and seemed to like the Golf Digest instructors… Flick, Toski, etc.. I did the best I could to help the people, with what I knew.

Later, I worked for a pro in North Carolina that favored Jimmy Ballard’s teaching methods. I learned a little about this type of teaching, and did use some of the ideas with my students.

Next, I worked for a former tour player in Indiana. Here, we taught strictly according to the Jim Flick type format. We gave many, many group lessons, and did junior golf camps.

The next several years I was back in North Carolina working as an assistant pro. I became a PGA Member during this time. I continued teaching, doing the best I could with the knowledge I had. I took a few lessons from an up and comming pro named David Leadbetter during this time.

During these years I met a pro that was winning many local pro tournaments in the area. He actually played in the P.G.A. Championship, and made the cut. I found out he adhered to a method that had something to do with a machine concept.

We met a few times. He gave me a few pointers, but later referred me to a teacher in South Carolina.

I attended my first Golfing Machine School in 1988. The GSED was Tom Tomasello. I saw here a clear way to teach and learn the physics and geometry of a golf stroke. My teaching, and playing started to improve, as a result of my new knowledge.

A year or so later, I attended the Advanced School that Tom offered. In attendance was Clarence Moore, 2 time U.S. Senior Amateur Champion. He gave a demonstration of his pattern. He was very impressive. He could Hit, or Swing equally well, at least it appeared that way to me. I picked up more useful information at this school, especially relating to the short game.

I continued to work with Tom up to his death. I also worked some with Alex Sloan, GSED I gained more insight from Alex, although his methods were quite different from Tom’s.

Later, I taught for 3 years with GSED George Kelnhofer. There, I was exposed to many tour caliber players, and good amateur players. David Duval, Larry Mize, Charley Rymer, Stuart Cink, Craig Perks, and Charles Howell were the many players that came through there.

During the next several years I taught in Atlanta. During this time I knew, and worked periodically with Tom Ness, GSEM I learned a great deal from Tom, especially about the short game. I also knew, and worked some with Chuck Evans, GSED.

I developed back problems later in my career. During this time I contacted David Lee, because I heard he had a method of swinging that was back friendly.

I found that David had quite a knowledge of physics, as it pertains to golf. I taught briefly in his indoor facility, Gravity Golf, in Atlanta.

A year or so later I met Lynn Blake, GSEM. Lynn has a unique level of understanding of The Golfing Machine, due to his personal involvement with the author, Homer Kelley. Through my involvement with Lynn, along with Ted Fort and Steve Ferguson, I gained an even greater insight into The Golfing Machine.

I am currently the Director of Instruction at The Frank Moore Golf Academy at Dunes West Golf and River Club, in Mount Pleasant, SC. There is a link to me at and my e-mail is

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