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Keep it on course, 

Mike Brabenec, PGA & Billy Gibbs, PGA

Jul 19, 2009

Mike & Billy discuss the results of the 2009 British Open through round 2. 

Headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago, Tour Edge was founded in 1985 by David Glod, a former golf pro at Village Links Golf Club in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. David as a young entrepreneur truly believed there was an opportunity in the golfing industry to provide a high quality product at an affordable price. In his mind there was no reason for the trend in inflating prices that were overcoming the market. David's goal was to change the consumer's perception of value and quality in golf clubs. He designed his first club in 1987 and never looked back.

While constantly paying attention to both product design and quality, several new products were developed, including the Fiber-Sonic iron, the industry's first heel weighted club. Since then, many new and innovative products have been designed. Like Callaway and the Big Bertha, Adams and the Tight Lies, the Tour Edge claim to fame is Bazooka titanium woods. Benefiting from the success of the Bazooka titanium woods and irons, Tour Edge Golf is one of the fastest growing golf manufacturer's in the country. Offering exceptional pricing and superior performance, Tour Edge Clubs give golfers just what they need.

Doubling sales every year since inception, Glod's original vision allowed Tour Edge to carve out a niche as a worldwide manufacturer of premium quality products that are sold at a reasonable price. As the reputation of Tour Edge grew regionally, by 1990 there was a need to organize a sales and marketing program to further the company's success. Around this time, David's brother Gordon Glod, now vice president, joined the team. He recognized the need for a club maker that could provide reliable service and custom clubs in a timely manner. Gordon actively pursued many new markets and helped open doors for the new product line.

According to David, "By 1992 demand had increased immensely and Anthony Herb was hired as production manager. Now vice president of operations, Anthony brought six years of experience and a well rounded knowledge of the industry to Tour Edge. His ideas for a more efficient means of production were well received and quickly instituted. Since his arrival, Anthony has set an industry standard for consistency of product quality and timely delivery.

Commanding strong Midwest sales, Gordon realized the need for a national distribution strategy. In 1993, Andy Silis was hired to head up the company's national sales campaign. Andy's ten years of golf sales experience and familiarity with accounts across the country put Tour Edge on the map nationally. His industry knowledge and ability to position Tour Edge products helped drive the company sales and opened the door for national and international distribution.

The final piece of the puzzle was put into place in 1995 when Tour Edge hired Jay Hubbard to spearhead the company's marketing and advertising strategy. Hubbard, a veteran marketer with seven years experience, quickly stepped up to the plate and established public relations and advertising programs to support that national sales effort and help build the brand. By 1996, the Tour Edge team had catapulted the company into Golf Pro Magazine's ranking of the top 40 equipment manufacturers.

Since that time, the national media, word-of-mouth, and strong retail sales have created a new best-selling brand. According to Andy Silis, national sales manager, "At one of the best golf shops in America, Tour Edge irons are on average the #1 selling iron above the best-known brands in the industry. In addition, Tour Edge metal woods are on average the #2 best selling woods. We have come a long way and I am proud to be part of it."

Many new employees have joined the Tour Edge team over the years, each person filling a critical need, but all with the same goals in mind: commitment to quality, devotion to customer service, and dedication to innovation. David Glod has built his company around these goals and has made a pledge to adhere to them. With that in mind, consumers can expect the same high quality product and exceptional service that was first instituted in 1985.

Sharon Ohr, General Manager of Sundale CC in Bakersfield, California calls into GTR to discuss the Bakersfield Open.

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