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Keep it on course, 

Mike Brabenec, PGA & Billy Gibbs, PGA

Jul 16, 2009

Jeff Ritter is one of the nation’s most
prominent golf instructors with a presence
that literally reaches all corners of the globe.
Hailed for his unique approach to coaching,
Jeff’s method of communication utilizes
creative concepts from all walks life in a
manner that makes this difficult game
seem effortless. He credits his passion
for inspiration, body health and
“mental flexibility” for the reputation that
has set him apart as a purveyor of not
only playing well, but living well. Jeff's coaching
inspires his students to realize that
whether it is mind, body,game or life, the
key to enacting positive
change lies in one's self- awareness

Jeff cuts through the illusions that limit success in a way that not only simplifies your outlook, but more importantly inspires you to want and believe in your authentic target. That is, that you want and deserve more than you had ever imagined possible.

An accomplished writer and author, Jeff’s articles appear in Golf Digest Magazine, Golf Tips Magazine, Golf Punk Magazine, UK as well as the Arizona Republic. He has also been seen and heard on ESPN, FOX Sports, FOX Sports Radio and The Golf Channel. His latest book “Confessions of a Golf Teaching Professional,” is due out soon!

Before striking out on his own in 2000, Jeff was formerly an instructor with the Golf Digest Schools and the acclaimed Dave Pelz Short Game School. In addition, he has found success with players ranging from new golfers, top amateurs, and collegiate standouts as well as players from the PGA and LPGA Tours.

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