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Mike Brabenec, PGA & Billy Gibbs, PGA

Mar 25, 2009

In 1950, Jim Flick was a scratch golfer in his second year at Wake Forest—and not good enough to make a starting team that included Arnold Palmer and Buddy Worsham. Flick's roommate was his best friend, Gene Scheer; Palmer's was Worsham. One evening, after a home football game against Duke, Scheer and Worsham got impatient waiting for Flick and Palmer and drove without them to a dance in Durham.
Coming home, their car crashed and both perished. Flick and Palmer, feeling their lives were spared and trying to overcome their grief, decided to room together. Thus, Palmer was one of the first major influences on Flick's career.
Flick lettered in basketball and golf, but turned his attention to golf instruction. Although Bill Strausbaugh was an early influence, Bob Toski had a special effect. Toski and Flick developed the Golf Digest Schools from 1972-'90. Flick also spent 20 years as director of instruction at Desert Mountain in Scottsdale, where he helped Tom Lehman go from a struggling Hogan Tour player to the 1996 British Open champion. In 1990, Flick worked with Jack Nicklaus at The Tradition tournament. Jack won the event, and Flick has been his coach ever since.
Today, Flick is director of instruction at the TaylorMade Learning Center. "I'm more of a motion teacher than a position teacher," he says. "I advocate swinging the arms and club with the body reacting."

Casey Martin was born in Eugene, Oregon and still resides there. Educated at Stanford University,and briefly a teammate of Tiger Woods, Casey was three times all Pac-10 and also a member of the University's NCAA Championship team in 1994. He won the 1993 Sahalee Players Championship, and after turning professional in 1995 Casey competed in several PGA and Nationwide tour events.

While pursuing his professional golf career Casey came to national prominence in the late 90's by suing the PGA of America to allow him permission to use a golf cart while playing. Suffering from birth with a defect in his leg know as Klippel Trenaunay Weber syndrome, Martin feels the daily effect of this rare circulatory disorder that withered his right leg to the point that may eventually force him to face amputation. Although Casey won his lower federal court decision to utilize a cart in competition, many PGA professionals took opposites sides of the decision and the debate still exists as to the extent that "disabilities" should be consisted and accommodated on the professional golf tour. An interesting irony to this circumstance exists since many Senior or Champion PGA tour players exercise the option to compete while utilizing carts on the "Senior Tour." In spite of the controversy, Casey maintained a positive attitude and has been described by many as honoring the game and facing his circumstance with both "courage" and "dignity".

Now the Head Men's Golf Coach at the University of Oregon since 2006, Martin continues to impact others golf game and life circumstances. Martin is co founder and partner in a social networking golf community website. 10th

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