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Nov 17, 2009

If one piece of equipment could instantly change your game, would you get it? To many, golf represents the relentless pursuit of unattainable perfection. There is always room for improvement and any number of 'cool' products purchased in the hope of improving your game. But when was the last time any of those products truly delivered a performance edge? Makkar - The Performance Advantage
Find out what several PGA pros and a growing number of golf enthusiasts already know - Makkar works, and works instantly! Game changing benefits include:

Increased Strength
In a game of inches, how much of a difference would extra distance off the tee make? Increases in overall strength can translate to game enhancing increases in clubhead speed.

Improved Balance
Accuracy is, in-part, the by-product of maintaining optimal alignment and balance throughout your swing. Enhanced balance and alignment leads to better mechanics - a critical factor in avoiding trouble off the tee, hitting more fairways and correcting a slice.

In golf, consistency is everything. The ability to reproduce a consistent swing throughout your round can have a game changing impact on scoring.
It's not how you start, but how you finish – the best golfers can finish as strong on the 18th as they started on the first.

Makkar Athletics Group
Makkar Athletics Group Inc., founded by Dr. Anil Makkar, is an Ontario, Canada, based company focusing on improving athletic performance. Makkar is dedicated to the principles of neuromuscular science and to applying that science to deliver game-changing products and services to the advantage of our clients.
Makkar's flagship product, the Makkar PPM™, is a sports appliance that is custom-made to fit the user by certified dentists using sophisticated computer technology. By aligning the jaw to its optimal resting position, the Makkar PPM™ has been shown to unleash instant improvements in strength, explosive speed, balance and agility - all vital components of athletic performance - and to give the user an immediate performance advantage.
Since its launch in 2006, the Makkar PPM™ has made strides within the ranks of professional, collegiate and amateur athletes alike. The company now enjoys an impressive and growing stable of athletes using the PPM™ including All-Pro NFL Athletes, PGA Golfers, NBA All-Stars, MLB Batting Champs, as well as World Champion boxers and mixed martial artists (MMA).

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