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Mike Brabenec, PGA & Billy Gibbs, PGA

Jul 19, 2009

Doug Lemmons, PGA - Ohio Junior Golf Academy - U.S. Kids

Born and raised in Canton, Ohio. I have been a Golf Professional for over 12 years working at Private Country Clubs across Northeast Ohio. I have devoted my teaching career towards developing our juniors into life-long players of this game. I work with children as young as five years old. They are our future and as a two-time award winner of The PGA President's Council, my passion and aspiration is to grow the game of golf.
By bringing the U.S Kids Canton Local Tour, your child has a place to shine and grow. This is an opportunity for families to share special moments with their child or grandchild and watch them reach their personal best!

My philosophy is to develop a student to their full potential based on their physical abilities and learning style. I have always been described as a very patient teacher with good communication skills and a sense of humor that encourages a relaxed atmosphere and a creative learning environment. I develop juniors so they can compete and or aid them in achieving such goals as having fun, playing on their High School team, or receiving a Scholarship to College.

We will develop a pre-shot routine together that will help them develop more confidence on the golf course by improving their skills. Together, we can lengthen their drives, improve the accuracy of approach shots, and learn how to save strokes around the greens. Learning the ball flight laws will help recognize swing flaws as they occur and make the necessary corrections. We will create an individualized practice routine that focuses on how to improve swing fundamentals.
Mission Statement

“To introduce juniors to golf so that they may learn to love

the game and experience the educational and social values

that golf can provide them for a lifetime.”

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