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Keep it on course, 

Mike Brabenec, PGA & Billy Gibbs, PGA

Feb 26, 2011

Dawn Lipori, Author of "Body 4 Golf" - calls into GTRadio to discuss her book and how golfers of all ages can improve their golf games.  Mike & Billy also play the GTRadio golf trivia games PGA Mystery Tour Player, Chip Away @ It and Caddyshack Trivia.  Mike & Billy also discuss the upcoming LIVE GTRadio Show from the Blacklake Golf Resort - Breakfast with the Pros. 

Mike & Billy announce Breakfast with the Pros at the Blacklake Golf Resort Saturday, March 26th.  GTRadio will be broadcasting live from the Blacklake Golf Resort with a panel of golf experts, breakfast is included, private golf instruction and golf clinics.  For more information or to sign up online click here

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