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Oct 16, 2010

Brian Benedictson creator of the SwinKey calls into GTRadio with Mike & Billy to discuss his Golfer's Toolbox creation the SwinKey!  Check out his website at and you won't believe everything the SwinKey can do for your game and more!

Ask anyone who knows Mark Evershed, especially his students, and the following words may be used to describe him: exceptional teacher, great player, inventor, motivator, relationship builder, inspiration, listener, and friend.
Those words are just the tip of the iceberg for the 2005 Canadian PGA Teaching Professional of the Year, who was judged on a wide array of criteria ranging from innovative teaching techniques to instructional articles, videos or promotion.

“I was very honoured when I received the phone call that I had won the Teacher of the Year award,” mentioned Evershed. “More now than ever, people are starting to recognize the importance of teaching and I am very excited to be a part of that.”

As a teacher, Evershed‘s philosophy relies on “long term relationships.” After studying the philosophies of greats such as Homer Kelly and Persey Boomer, Evershed created his own unique teaching style based on the premise that knowledge, rather than muscle memory, is the path to success and that a lack of success comes from incorrect understandings as opposed to lack of ability.

From that premise evolved Evershed’s theory on the golf swing called “T.G.S. Method to Better Golf”, a teaching system consisting of CDs, books and practice devices to help golfers understand and execute the swing.

By adopting his theory, he is confident that students will be successful if they understand the mechanics and sequence of the swing. Evershed has invested a considerable amount of time into teaching and documenting his teaching philosophies. He invented numerous devices to support his theory including
“The Power Click”, “Weight Shift Monitor”, “The Sequence Tube”, “Laser Club”, and the “Magic Triangle & Ball Position Indicator”. An author of two books (“The Canadian Move- Right Handed and Left Handed” and “The Six Minute Golf Swing”), Evershed has been a feature and contributing writer for Ontario Golf Magazine, is the co-host of “The Golf Report
” on Sportsnet TV, has been a regular on The Fan 590 and 680 News radio shows in Toronto, and was the featured instructor on The Golf Channel’s “Academy Live”. Even further, Evershed has created seven instructional videos and a collection of 12 CDs on all aspects of the game.

“I wake up every morning and try to improve the way I teach because I’m possessed by it,” Evershed said. “All of my time is put into improving myself and getting better at what I do.”

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