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Mar 6, 2010

Mike & Billy discuss the use of cell phones on the golf course. 

Dave Schimandle, Owner and Operator of Slickstix joins Mike & Billy - visit his website at to discuss "shaft spines", how important is the golf shaft and the proper clubs for each individual player.  Dave Schimandle began repairing golf clubs and building custom clubs in 1975 shortly before turning professional in 1976. Since then, clubmaking has evolved from steel shafts and wooden heads to high tech materials such as high modulus graphite and titanium. This new technology has enabled club builders to become SOPHISTICATED CLUB FITTERS. Having stayed up to date with the evolution of equipment and the playability factors of the equipment Dave has become an expert CLUB FITTER. Dave also uses only the finest materials available, (not just inexpensive clones). The combination of over twenty-five years of knowledge and the finest technology makes SLICKSTIX the first and only place to go to improve your golf pleasure. To learn more about SLICKSTIX, click any item on the menu. If you have comments or questions, let us know by clicking Contact Us.

Mike & Billy play the GTR golf trivia games Chip Away at It and PGA Mystery Tour Player!

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