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Apr 30, 2011


Discover All the Benifits of FitGrip

Adding FitGrip to your product line is an easy, cost-effective way to boost your bottom line. FitGrip is also a value-added service that will increase the benefits of your golf lessons
and allow your students to better enjoy the game.

Get in On the Action - Before Your Competition Does

For Pro Shops, Golf Schools or PGA Pros giving lessons, FitGrip is simply a must-have
training tool. To help you learn more about FitGrip, we've developed a detailed instructional
video that shows every step of the FitGrip process - from helping a customer find the correct
grip to great tips on how to make FitGrip a success in your business. Don't wait until your customers start hearing about FitGrip somewhere else. Show them what it can do
for their game now.

FitGrip - a new golf training aid that puts you in the money

Ever since the game was invented, instructors have struggled with getting students to properly grip a club. Now there's FitGrip, the new golf training product that ensures a correct grip on the club every time. FitGrip is the ideal way to help golf students accelerate their learning, while boosting your bottom line at the same time.

How FitGrip Works

FitGrip employs a special molded grip, in which the impression of the golfer's correct grip is made with the guidance of their teaching professional. After the player's needs and grip are assessed, the grip is heated for a short time in a special oven - allowing it to be easily molded
in the hands of the player and assures that he or she assumes the correct grip at all times. FitGrip features different-sized grips for both men and women as well as for putters. Molding
the grip takes only about 30 seconds, and the heat source time is five minutes. Grips can
be molded more than once if necessary.

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